Enjoy the Pamper Packages , its the best way to spend your precious time & to truly relax…..    life is to be enjoyed!

                                            “Relax to the Maxx is our Mantra”


 “Top to Toe Deluxe Massage “-  its the best way to spend 90 minutes @ $170 per person 

  • Just chill,   “Top to Toe” full body super relaxing massage using a combination of pressure and massage styles to fully benefit you. Choose the pressure you want, and just let your experienced masseur know!
  • Using , Swedish, lomi lomi and therapeutic massage techniques plus incorporating a 30 min décolleté,  neck, face and crown massage.
  • This is more than a massage, its a nourishing skin conditioning treatment. We massage beautiful  warmed oil into your skin, its  hydrates tired, dry skin from seasonal weather and is rich in Omega 3 & antioxidants. The oil has no nuts, no chemicals, no aromatherapy oils & no scent.
  • Its divine! Please ensure you leave it on well after the massage to work its magic.
  • We begin with a beautiful scalp massage , whilst heat packs are strategically placed on your body to relax sore muscles.
  • Hot towels are used at the end, first on the face and then on the feet,  to melt away the stress of everyday life
  • A Top to Toe Deluxe Massage and skin treatment to remember
  • Enjoy your massage  in the garden, it all depends on the weather of course, or cozy up inside.




 ”  Superior Candle  Massage”- its the Rolls Royce of Massages!

 Its the best way to spend 90 minutes @ $190

  •  Inclusive of all the benefit’s you get with a Top To Toe Massage, except you are massaged with beautiful warm scented soy wax to sooth tired , stressed muscles and to hydrate your skin.
  • Softens the muscles & is deeply, deeply relaxing. ( please ensure you have shaved or waxed your legs 24 hours prior)
  • Inclusive of a beautiful relaxing face and scalp massage . A treatment to remember, its absolutely divine!


this feels amazing



  • “Baby Moon Pregnancy Package”   time stops for some deep relaxation , 90 minutes @ $190 per person 
  • After changing into a robe/ sarong we begin with a 30 minute foot bath Massage.  
  • Feet are  soaked in relaxing Epsom salts ( magnesium)  followed by a  foot massage and nourishing moisturizer. Inclusive of feet & swollen ankles.
  • Warm towels are used to sooth & relax to complete the massage
  • 60 minute pregnancy massage, using a pregnancy pillow
  • Beautiful warmed oil, rich in Omega 3 & Antioxidants are used to nourish , to hydrate tired , dry skin. No nuts, no chemicals, no aromatherapy oils and no scent.
  • Inclusive of a beautiful décolletage, neck, face  & scalp massage 





  • “Stress Relief Massage & Rejuvenation Facial”  90 minutes of purposeful pampering with results  @ $190 per person
  • 45 minute total back of body massage, focusing on areas creating stress and muscle tension, tightness and pain. Specifically, focusing on the lower, middle and upper back, shoulders, neck area and tight calves, all where stress is retained.
  • Also a skin nourishing treatment, using warmed, Golden Spring Wellbeing signature massage oil; rich in Omega 3 & anti oxidants with no chemicals & no nuts to nourish and hydrate tired dry skin. Suitable for all skin types.
  • 45 minute Facial of pure pampering, to rejuvenate facial muscles and to stimulate skin renewal. Incorporating  a blissful neck , face and scalp massage to ease  tension.
  • The Golden Spring Wellbeing signature facial mask is all natural, it naturally exfoliates whilst stimulating and rejuvenating skin cells. Massaging  stimulates the  lymphatic’s and plumps up the skin. You will feel fabulous!!




  • Wellbeing Massage & Foot Treatment.  90 minutes @ $190 per person 
  •   Magnesium Sulfate foot soak treatment (Epsom Salts is a pure mineral compound) & assists with stress relief as  it gently softens skin whilst soaking. Combined with a foot massage this encourages relaxation & it eases aches & pains of tired feet which can affect the whole body and mind.
  •  The sulfur from Epsom salts also helps kill bacteria and foot fungus.  There are so many health benefits!
  • A 60 min full body massage follows using  a combination of massage strokes; Swedish, lomi lomi & therapeutic with different pressures used to work  sore , stressed muscles & to support your relaxation.
  • Massage stimulates your lymphatic’s and relaxes the central nervous system.
  • The warmed, golden spring wellbeing signature oil  blend hydrates tired dry skin, it nourishes and enriches.
  • Warm face towels finish the therapy or cool, chilled towels if hot weather, its invigorating & stimulating.
  •  A fabulous mind / body treatment with health benefits.


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