Golden Touch

 Golden Touch  1 hour  @ $130             

  •  This is more than a facial with an abundance of massage & a double mask, its divine .
  • Take some precious time to enjoy a truly magical experiance of  deep relaxation. Its amazing to actually feel so good! 
  • Special attention is spent on massaging and gently loosening the muscles in the neck & face, we stimulate the lymphatic’s and stimulate your blood flow & circulation with warmed oil to nourish . This is powerful skin care techniques.
  • An intensive facial massage will  plump up the skin and strengthen the facial muscles stimulating blood flow in the face & encourage cell health.


  • 1st a deep cleanse with a creamy cocoa butter oil , then  a chilled exfoliating mask to remove dead skin on the surface , warm towels are used to steam & remove the mask , its heavenly
  • A second mask is applied to nourish & hydrate the skin and more warm towels to sooth the skin and ensure total relaxation
  •  Beautiful rose water spritz is applied , then a beautiful skin rejuvenation oil is gently massaged into the skin to ensure a deep moisturize and a beautiful natural feel .
  • Your skin will feel amazing and so will U.


jen facial jen F1

Beautiful young woman receiving facial mask at beauty salon - indoors

  • We never leave you , the whole 60 minutes is focused on you and your wellbeing
  • We are not concerned about selling products to you, we are only concerned about how you feel.




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