Body & Mind Wellbeing Therapies

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peace and quiet

What’s going on in your body ( aches & pains) is a reflection of what’s going on in your mind & how you are viewing your life!


Your thoughts are the basis of your reality, pay attention to your internal dialogue. Stress has a powerful impact on your overall wellbeing.


There are effective things you can do to assist how you feel when at Golden Spring Wellbeing.

  • We promote massage, mindfulness, being with nature and enjoying a picnic in the garden or time in the hammock whilst being in the peace & quiet.
  •  Plus we also offer Mind Therapies to support your wellbeing. Life Coaching & Mind Mapping



Enriching Mindfulness for beginners- 60 min –

  • An excellent stress relief tool that can be used anytime, anywhere, just learn how?
  • Learn how to be in the present moment!   Be grateful and earn how to be mindful in your daily life with practice.
  • Understand change and the flow of life, it comes and it goes, nothing stays the same, just like the seasons.
  • Develop calmness and awareness by training the mind (attention & awareness)
  •  Understand the body ( brain-neural pathways) to view and respond to life in a way that brings about more peace. It involves becoming more aware of thoughts, feelings and sensations( through your 5 senses) as they are triggered by life’s events.
  • Explore the benefits of mindfulness,  practice both passive and active mindfulness.

 peace and quiet....

Empower Mind Mapping & guided mediation – 120 min

  • Mind Mapping for wellbeing explores your life by breaking it down , mapping it!! 
  • This supports stress and assists you to really understand U.
  • It creates a significant change in your lifestyle when you openly break down your life of the past, the present and the future. Set your intentions and pave the way forward with intent.
  • Write affirmations, be clear on what you want 
  • Appreciate what you have achieved,  explore where you are now & where U want to be .
  • Set the wheels of your new life in motion now – plan – do some “real goal setting”.



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