Mind Meditation Massage

90 minutes  $ 200

 What’s going on in your body ( aches & pains) is a reflection of what’s going on in your mind & how you are viewing your life!      

  • Stress has a powerful impact on your overall wellbeing. Your thoughts are the basis of your reality
  • Experience a guided meditation whilst being massaged with deep relaxation massage strokes and gentle care and support ….gently, gently sooth the stress.


“I felt like I was in heaven. Beautiful head to toe massage. Body mind and soul all relaxed. The best massage I’ve ever had.”

Rupali Jetiley


my neck feels fabulous now

my neck feels fabulous now


  • UPGRADE with  transformational mind therapy, by clearing the emotional contagions we absorb from our environments  we are able to release and let go. 
  • This works on a subliminal level ; unconscious integration, very gentle, very effective, all happening whilst you are being massaged on your own. This is a personal journey so no dual rooms.






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