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“BEAT THE COVID BLUES”  ……Facials are back!  

 ” Special Deals” all selected to benefit you and your price point. Book, to get the date, day & time you want!   




1/ “Deluxe Massage” …. enjoy 60 minutes of pure bliss. You are massaged with beautiful deeply hydrating warm massage oil .

 Saturdays  $190 for 2  or  $95  for 1  & Sunday $200 for a couple  or $100 per person .

Weekdays @ $170 for 2  or $85  for 1 Weekdays.  (normally $100 per person)

  • Our very experienced professional therapists use a combination of massage styles, Swedish, Lomi Lomi, & Therapeutic to enhance deep relaxation.  
  •  We use  our warmed, golden spring wellbeing signature oil rich in Omega 3 & Anti Oxidants that feels like silk on the skin. The oil is a deeply nourishing treatment that soaks in and hydrates to nourish & enrich. No nuts, no chemicals & totally environmentally friendly.
  • We finish with warm towels to the face & feet, its divine.


2/ Hot Stones to soothe sore muscles and to allow the therapist to work deeper, quicker through the infusion of heat directly into the muscles. Its divine!

  •  $ 100 for  60 minutes  weekdays , $120 Saturday & $130 Sunday  or $150 for a 90 min ( normally $190 for 90 min)
  • If you select our Hot Stone Massage, warm stones are used continuously throughout, warm stones are placed on the body and you are massaged with the warm stones in the therapists hands. It heavenly!



2/  30 minute Unisex “Spring Rejuvenation Facial” – its very refreshing & invigorating! (Watch this space).

Using a combination of warmth & chill to stimulate your lymphatics, its deeply relaxing & invigorating for your skins renewal. All products are natural.

this is heaven…

Normally $65 dollars, now $55 weekdays & weekends.

  • Enjoy a  blissful 30 minutes  Unisex Facial to compliment your massage experience. 
  • When you book a massage , just add it on and allow 90 minutes of pure bliss.
  • Our facial’s consist of massage to the declottege , neck and face to enhance relaxation and to stimulate blood flow to oxygenate the cells naturally. First a cleanse , a chilled mask, hot towel therapy  and a moisturizer with no lanolin, parabins or perfumes.  


3/ 90 minute Foot & Face Magic!     

A 30 minute  Magnesium Foot Soak whilst your shoulders & neck are massaged to help unwind  & then a foot Massage plus a 60 minute Golden Touch Facial as detailed below. Deeply relaxing!  

$135 for 1 & $265 for 2 on weekends    &    $130 for 1 & $260 for 2 weekdays 

  • First your  feet soak in magnesium salts to assist ease muscle tension & to soften your skin, you then experience a shoulder massage using pressure point work to ease tension
  • Feet are dried and you relocate to your massage bed to relax whilst your feet are  massaged, its deeply soothing
  • You then experience a beautiful massage to your scalp, decolletage, neck  and face to alleviate stress & to stimulate your lymphatics. Ongoing massage is a huge focus of this therapy.
  • Please read details below of the beautiful facial



4/ “Golden Touch Facial” – normally  $115  for 1 , its now $200  for 2  or  $95  for 1 weekdays & weekends

  •       We will take away the worries of your world with 60 minutes of Superior Relaxation!


my neck feels fabulous now


  • A 60 minute superior deluxe facial treatment; you will snuggle into the most comfortable bed with an electric blanket to sooth your back of body & to relax your tired muscles.
  • To begin, we massage the scalp, then your décolletage, neck & face with beautiful warm oil , we believe in stimulating the circulation & blood flow as a priority for your skins wellbeing
  • We focus on soothing tired facial muscles with massage to increase circulation & blood flow to the cells naturally.
  • Then a beautiful cocoa butter cleanse, followed by a chilled mask to gently exfoliate & stimulate your lymphatic’s, hot towel therapy follows
  •   Then another mask, deeply hydrating  with more hot towel therapy & of course a beautiful scalp massage takes place whilst both masks are on the skin, pure bliss!     
  • A rose water spritz & beautiful moisturizer serum & cream to finish 
  • Whilst all this happens, the massage to the neck , shoulders, face and scalp does not stop.
  • You will leave feeling deeply, deeply relaxed !   Plus your skin will feel beautiful.




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