Lithos Therapy ( hot & cold rocks)

   The “Rolls Royce of Rock Massage” unique to Golden Spring Wellbeing


  • Choose the combo of Chilled and Hot Rocks  together  @ $220  for 90 minutes or/man+logo


  • Hot Rock from Top To Toe; its 90 minutes of  Superior Deluxe Hot Stone Massage, combined with warmed oil and hot towels to finish on the face & feet @ $180 for 1

  • Plus add on a facial, its sensational relaxation….using only warm rocks or a combo!


  • Rocks are strategically placed on the body, you can have the combo of cryotheraphy (cool) and thermotherapy( hot) its extremely effectual and beneficial for your health and wellbeing.

hot and cold stones used  

  • In the heat of the summer, we only use only the cool, chilled  white marble rocks, its exhilarating.
  • It relaxes , stimulates the lymphatic system and clears the mind.
  • Perfect for high body temperatures, to cool & sooth
  • Perfect for menopause symptoms

Lithos Therapy is the Rolls Royce of Massage.  

“It’s likely to become one of the most talked about, sought after & widely offered massage treatments”  (Spa Australasia Magazine)  

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