• Your skin is the largest organ in the body. It needs to be looked after with care.
  • Facials are an important way to look after your skin and to enhance relaxation .
  • Whatever your skin type or age, your skin is a mirror to your overall health and wellbeing.
  • We do not try to sell products to you at the end of your facial! 

We offer you a range of facials  to choose from  that will benefit you, sure to relax and the pampering does not stop from woo to go!

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  •  Beautiful , healthy skin should not be a luxury to the few.
  • It is something all of us can enjoy with good habits and careful choices 
  • The skin on your face is thin and delicate compared to the rest of your body so whatever skin type you have , it benefits from regular attention , care and a daily regime.
  • We source natural products that are environmentally friendly and  ethical.
  • Some products we design and make ourselves based on age old recipes that have stood the test of time.
  • A lot of our nanas used olive oil & sesame oil on their skin to nourish it from the harsh sun & it was beautiful.
  • Most washed their faces with velvet soap and it worked wonders. But these days a lot more harmful chemicals are in those products .
  • We do not put harsh chemicals onto your face or body .


  1. “PICK ME UP  ”   $70
  • 30 minute  unisex facial. “PICK ME UP  “-  take a moment to uplift and rejuvenate your skin .
  • Starting with a cleanse, then exfoliation, tone and face mask followed by a beautiful moisturizer.
  • Hot towels  are used to infuse moisture and steam, also to ensure relaxation
  • A beautiful face massage will stimulate the blood flow and circulation
  • This pick me up facial is guaranteed to make you feel  and look great.
this is heaven...

this is heaven…


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2.  “GOLDEN TOUCH”   $130

  • A divine 60 minute facial- this is more than a facial with an abundance of massage.
  • Take some “me time” and enjoy a truly magical experience of  deep relaxation. Its amazing to actually feel so good! 
my neck feels fabulous now

my neck feels fabulous now

  • Special attention is spent on massaging and loosening the muscles in the neck & shoulders to start.
  • An intensive facial massage will stimulate the lymphatic’s and circulation, plumping up the skin and strengthening the facial muscles by stimulating blood flow into the face.
Macro close up of Hands massaging female chin. Therapist applying pressure with fingers on face.

Massaging female chin. Therapist applying pressure with fingers on face.

  • We never leave you , the whole 60 minutes is focused on you and your wellbeing
  • We are not concerned about selling products to you, we are only concerned about how you feel.
Beautiful young woman receiving facial mask at beauty salon - indoors

Applying the  facial Mask















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