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What are the benefits of Massage to you?

  • As both a healing art and a science massage benefits everybody, from infants to the elderly.
  • Regular massage is aimed at achieving & increasing health and wellbeing, it has a broad range of applications for muscle health, skin health, cardiovascular health, respiratory health, lymphatic health, digestive health and general health and wellbeing for pain relief and stress management.


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  • Massage affects your whole being, physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • We offer deep relaxation massages using a range of massage styles to get the best results for you.
  • Styles used are Swedish massage,( lightly warming the muscles and gentle strokes)  
  • Lomi Lomi ( using the forearm with long flowing strokes, using different pressures to get results) 
  • Therapeutic techniques ( using the thumbs, knuckles and pads of the hand) to deeply work areas
  • Using a combo of styles and a range of different pressures is extremely beneficial.
  • The female team of masseurs are very skilled with years of experience, that makes all the difference to the outcome and how you feel at the end of your massage.
  • please read our reviews, we are very proud of the feedback.


Dual Massage

Dual Massage

  •  When you arrive we conduct a personal consultation and discuss with you what’s important
  • You then change into a robe or sarong depending on the weather if outside
  • If its a beautiful day you will be outside under the cherry plum tree which is very private
  • If cold, we are definitely inside with electric blankets , its 5***** all the way!
  • Your comfort is critical to us


 “Had a massage a few days ago. Marguerita is excellent at what she does, tailoring the massage to suit your needs. Very experienced, and with an extra sense of wellbeing, stress relief and a movement of energy. It was more than just your ordinary massage, it was very very relaxing. Gorgeous environment listening to the birds chirping and the chimes ringing in the breeze.

Thank you Marguerita” –  Racheal Riley

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