Special Deals

Our Winter Specials will remain until later in October due to the weather, after that we will post the Spring /Summer sensational deals for you !

  • Gift vouchers can be emailed directly on the same day you purchase.


Enjoy the “Amazing Specials” that have been selected for your Wellbeing!


1/  The  60 minute Golden Touch – Unisex Facial

  • normally @ $115  for 1, its $200 for 2 & $95  for 1.
  • or a 30 minute Unisex Rejuvenation Facial ( similar process but with 1 mask only)
  • Normally @ $65 for 1 now $50



  • A 60 minute deluxe treatment; you  snuggle up on the most comfortable bed with an electric blanket to sooth your back of body & to relax your tired muscles.
  • To begin, a beautiful scalp massage will take away the worries of your world.
  • Then we massage the décolletage, neck & face with beautiful warm oil prior to beginning the facial.
  • We focus on a facial massage first to increase circulation & blood flow to the cells naturally.
  • A beautiful cocoa butter cleanse, followed by a chilled mask to stimulate your lymphatic’s and blood flow, warm towel therapy follows, then another mask with hot towel therapy
  • Followed by a rose water spritz & beautiful moisturizer to finish.
  • Whilst all this happens, the massage to the neck , shoulders, face and scalp does not stop.
  • You will leave feeling deeply, deeply relaxed & blissed out!
  • Plus your skin will feel beautiful

this is heaven…



2/  30 minute Winter Wellbeing foot soak with foot Massage @ $50

  • A divine therapy of total, blissful relaxation & perfect to add onto any massage or facial treatment
  • On arrival, you will change into a robe and then relax into a very comfortable chair with your feet soaking in warmed water infused with Magnesium Sulphate ( Epsom salts)
  • Magnesium Sulphate is natural, it softens skin, has anti bacterial qualities & enhances relaxation
  • Each foot is individually dried and then massaged with a beautiful velvet foot cream , the cream absorbs into the skin leaving your feet feeling silky smooth and soft.
  • This treatment can happen mindfully in silence whilst you snooze or you’re  welcome to chat with your therapist, its up to you!




3/  60 minutes of Mindfulness for Beginners, with a 30 minute stress release Guided Meditation

  • normally @ $70 per person for 60 minutes now $70 for 90 minutes.
  • In your first 60 minute session, learn what Mindfulness is to gain clarity and learn how it benefits you in your crazy life!
  • Learn about passive & active mindfulness, learn the importance of  breathing and staying in the present moment
  • Learn practical exercises to assist you on a day to day basis
  • Take home a work book and exercises to get started.
  • Finish with a 30 minute Guided Meditation to de-stress & relax




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