How To Contact Us?  

We are CLOSED for the month of November 2019 for property maintenance & Gardening in preparation for Massages in the garden during summer.  

Bookings are still being taken, just email directly to *protected email*

  • All services must be booked in advance, via phone on 0417 332 459
  • or email  ua.mo1568753455c.gni1568753455eblle1568753455wgnir1568753455psned1568753455log@o1568753455fni1568753455 or simply fill in the contact form below.
  • State the date, time  and what service you want?
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any of the services & therapies on offer 
  • Please leave a message  on mobile or email as we will get back to you ! Guaranteed.
  • CLOSED Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s & all PUBLIC Holidays
  • Located in Heath Avenue- Hepburn
5 kookaburras in a row

5 kookaburras in a row

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