Float Away

 FLOAT AWAY FACIAL … 1 hour to escape  everything & everyone  $ 105. 


  • Its more than a facial.
  •  We start with a beautiful scalp massage to get you in the mood, then massage your décolleté, neck & face with warmed oil . Guaranteed to have you floating away.
  • We then double cleanse  using a creamy coco butter and a fine sandalwood exfoliate, followed by warm towels to remove
  •  A chilled clay hydrating mask is applied ( the chill stimulates your lymphatics to get the blood pumping) heat is used to remove the mask
  • We  finish with  an uplifting facial serum , that truly nourishes the skin & a creamy seaweed & collagen moisturizer to deeply hydrate.
  • Whilst this is all happening , the massage does not stop! 
  • A truly  unique experience of deep relaxation & pampering.

Beautiful young woman receiving facial mask at beauty salon - indoorsMacro close up of Hands massaging female chin. Therapist applying pressure with fingers on face. jen F1 


  • Kassie Griffiths- Francis- “In a word this place is AMAZING! Do yourself and your face a favour and book in an hour of indulgence and tranquillity! Thank you so much Marguerita and Sue for the relaxing afternoon of pampering. Steve and I are off to have an afternoon nap

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